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About Us

ShopperJam is a company that was born in one of the most transformational moments of the human history where, through a global pandemic, societies have been forced to take refuge inside the digital world, in order to venture, and discover new alternatives to make a living, being creative, and bringing their ideas to life.The whole world has been forced to consider the digital books, online courses or conferences as the "new normal", generating a whole new market for entrepreneurs in every country.

Our main purpose is to engage people with their passions, in a way they can make a living from it. We have developed a wonderful platform, focused on ways to help people change their lives through the sale and distribution of their products and services, specially the digital ones. We have one of the most versatile, yet cost-efficient tools to help you reach those dreams.

"It is not about making a living from your job, it is about making a living from your passions, it we all could live that way, the world would evolve in quality" 

- Jose Perdigon, Founder

ShopperJam enables its platform dedicated to the purchase and sale of digital and physical products, looking to support millions of entrepreneurs around the world, who have incredible ideas and the necessary will to make them happen, but who lack on on the resources to develop its commercial structure from scratch. 

Simplicity, Agility and Economy are the main pillars where we base our tools, where with only a couple clicks it is possible for the Seller to build his own store that fits his business, without requiring to hire a Web Developer, a Designer, or a Marketing Professional, nor initial investment. Likewise, the Seller will be able to leverage on the ShopperJam Affiliates, who are members of our platform, whose business model is to contribute on the distribution and sale of the products, in exchange for a commission or share on the earnings, allowing the Producers to focus on what really matters: "The quality of your products, and the satisfaction of you clients"

Since our foundation, our clients have been our top priority because, just like you, we started from a dream, looking to share what we were good at. We believe on simplicity over anything, things need to be easy and straightforward, especially when you are working so hard to make your ideas a reality. Nowadays, we continuously look forward on transforming the world, helping you make your dream come true.