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What is ShopperJam?

ShopperJam is a digital platform specialized in connecting business owners and their awesome products with clients all around the world, in a digital way. We are a company whose mission is to enable people to increase their revenue with the work what they do best.


How do we do this?


We tie together the three strings that compose an effective sales process: A Producer or Vendor, an Affiliate Marketer and a Customer.

What types of items can be sold in ShopperJam?

With ShopperJam it is possible to sell three different kinds of products:


  • Physical goods: It could be most likely anything, such as clothes, shoes, tech, etcetera. These would require the commitment of a shipping process and refund policy.


  • Digital goods: These are downloadable files that the customer can get directly from the platform, right after purchasing, such as eBooks in PDF format, music, video lessons, lectures and screencasts, and many other files.


  • Courses and Live Classes: Create and sell a course about certain topics you have knowledge at, structure it by sections and lessons, perform quizzes and generate a completion certificate to your students, which they can share in their LinkedIn or any other places. 


  • Licenses, Event Tickets: Private clubs, sites with restricted content, coaching clubs, tickets to assist an event, or any other kind of site whose producer wishes to sell access to the user and charge a membership fee. In this case, the producer can create the item an add a list of ticket codes to be provided after customer’s purchases.

What types of items or actions are forbidden in ShopperJam platform?

In order to protect our community, keep ShopperJam as the best place to do businesses, there are several actions or items that are forbidden and will not be accepted in the platform:


1-    Pornographic or suggestive content.

2-    Sexual related items.

3-    Drugs or any kind of narcotics.

4-    Contents or actions that encourage hate, disrespect political or religious preferences.

5-    Selling products of a third party without the distribution permissions.

6-    Promoting or executing actions that may be against government laws.

7-    Fraudulently promoting items in your store.


Being identified inside of any of these scenarios will directly lead to an account banishment, without the right to appeal.

What are digital products and how can I make money with them?

Digital products are, for the most part, educational materials that are created in a digital format, and distributed online. They have become popular in the world of entrepreneurship due to their incredible reach and, therefore, the possibility of scaling process. For the users, also, consuming digital content is advantageous, since it makes knowledge more accessible and more practical to acquire. 


But this is not the only type of digital goods, there could be songs, photography, software, etcetera.


For example, you can write an eBook of how to build an Instagram Empire, and sell it to a community inside that niche.

Who can become a digital producer?

As cliché as this may sound, the truth is that anyone can become a digital producer. What will make a difference between those who achieve success and those who don't is the persistence and thirst for learning. If you wish to become an entrepreneur, know that having a success mindset is as important as the success itself.

What are Producers?

ShopperJam Producers are people or companies who wish to publish some kind of product to be sold online.


digital content producer can be an independent author or a blogger who has just finished writing his or her eBook, or has created a screencast teaching people how to use a certain kind of software.


It could also be a company, such as a publishing house, that wants to increase its sales making an online distribution to be sold by ShopperJam’s Affiliates.

Can a Producer have his own store?

Absolutely! You can create your own Sales Page for your products in a very easy way, in a few minutes and completely FREE! Just fill out the form and your page will be ready in no time.


This page can be used by you and your affiliates to sell your product. The easier it is for the affiliates, the more affiliates you will get, and so your sales volume will increase even more!


It is also important to make sure that all the relevant information for the buyer is available on your sales page. This is one of the topics validated in the revision process. Make sure that the main characteristics of the product are explained in the Sales Page.

What are the benefits for Producers/Vendors?

  • Have your own shop with no cost: Your account with ShopperJam is FREE! There is no initial investment, no monthly fees on the basic plan, so you can quickly set up your shop! 


  • Plug and Play! You can start selling your product immediately, through your direct sale link or your sales page.


  • Have your own Shop: You have full control of your shop and can customize all the details in the sales page dashboard in a simple and quick way. This page is immediately made available by ShopperJam for every product you publish.


  • Payment Processing: We will process all your sales; you don't need to worry about processing payments or checking if the payment made by the buyer is confirmed or not. We will take care of that for you. Your customers will be able to pay with their PayPal accounts or their Credit Cards.


  • Digital goods automatic delivery: ShopperJam will store and deliver the digital product to your client, as soon as the payment is confirmed. You don't need to worry about deliveries, complex hosting or website developments, we will keep your client happy receiving the product quickly.


  • Customer Care: We guarantee the safety of the transition to you and your client. There is no risk of the product not being delivered after a sale has successfully been made, and there is no risk the client will receive the product without a confirmed payment.



  • Paying Affiliates: You don't need to worry about paying your affiliates, ShopperJam will take care of that too, ensuring they receive the correct commission immediately.

What are Affiliates and how can you become one?

Affiliates are people or companies who participate in an affiliate program and will earn commissions when they successfully help Vendors/Producers selling a unit of their products. With ShopperJam, you can sign up as an Affiliate for free. As soon as you register in our website, you will have an Affiliate panel inside your dashboard, which shows your affiliate link to start promoting the shop.


We have a powerful tool called “Global Affiliate Link”, this means that when a client performs a purchase inside the shop using your global affiliate link, you will earn a commission, no matter which product it was.

What are the fees in ShopperJam and ShopperJam Academy?

ShopperJam is FREE of investment on the entry plan, and it allows you get your own shop immediately.


We do have service fee of 7% and it is not applied until you request a withdraw of your earnings. That means, it is not until you start making profits that the service fee is applied.


In the case of ShopperJam Academy, we have a service fee of 20% from each course sold.


It is important to remember that ShopperJam only gets paid if you get paid. This commission is what keeps our services running with quality and without the need of charging mandatory monthly fees.


To pay bank charges, ShopperJam has a withdrawal fee whenever you request a withdraw.

How can I withdraw my Earnings?

Before withdrawing your earnings, you need to register your financial details.


  1. Access your ShopperJam account through the following link: www.shopperjam.com/user/login
  2. In the left side menu, click in Withdraw. Then, a screen will appear where you can fill your details for withdrawal.
  3. If you meet the minimum requirements, you will be able to proceed with the request.
  4. You will also be required to have a verified Vendor account, sending us your ID documents from Vendor panel.

Minimum requirements for withdrawal:

  • Validated Shop: You will be required to have your vendor account fully validated. You can do that by sending us a clear copy of your national ID from the vendor panel.
  • Minimum Balance: You need you reach a minimum of $100.
  • Payment dates: All open withdraws requests are attended and sent on every 15th and 30th of the month (Re-scheduled to the next business day if it is a weekend).

You can choose to receive your payment via Paypal or Payoneer.

How can I ask for support?

Customer Care is one of the most important topics here for us in ShopperJam, that is why we have enabled many channels you can us to clarify your doubts or get help:


1.    Live Chat: In the main page of the platform, there is a widget in the bottom left side you can use to chat with our agents.


2.    WhatsApp: You can also chat with our agents using WhatsApp ((+595) 991 434 372). However, it will only be available for chat support, not applicable for calls or voice notes.


3.    Email: contact@shopperjam.com


4.    Dedicated support agent: When you register in ShopperJam as Vendor or Affiliate, you are assigned to a dedicated support agen called Account Manager. This agent will be responsible to provide you support, issue solving and providing you with the necessary help you boost your sales. You can find his contact details in your user’s panel. If you do not have any Account Manager assigned, feel free to request one, using any of the contact methods previously mentioned.